ITC Group was created through the union of three companies, specialised in different areas of the shipping and logistics sector, with the objective of operating in strategic synergy and offering a new, complete and dynamic product.


ITC was founded in 2004 by Claudio Simone as a result of his broad experience and his vision of shipping as not only an operational component but above all as a strategic element for an evolved business. At the heart of this vision is the importance of sustainability. People, Planet and Prosperity are the 3 pillars of the ITC supply chain that aims to protect and enhance the long-term environmental, social and economic value of all stakeholders involved. An important step in this was the transformation of the company into ITC Società Benefit. This demonstrated that a path of responsible actions and plans dedicated to the sustainability of the supply chain while still supporting the needs of each customer is possible. ITC is a benchmark for shipping across Europe.

Created in 2014 Orange Europe was the brainchild of Giulia Simone. After a professional career in the sector, Giulia invested in a new international shipping project with an innovative approach: the 5PL freight forwarder. Eventually Giulia’s dream merged with the dream of the ITC Group as did many entrepreneurs’ and suppliers’ from all over Europe. Today Orange Europe provides daily groupage, LTL and FTL shipping services to and from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and many other countries. The company is also a booking agent specialising in maritime, air and customs documentation and services. Its customs warehouse is based in the most important Italian logistics centre, Verona.

ST1 is targeted towards local service. It deals with collections, deliveries, daily distribution in ‘Triveneto’ (the Regions of Northern Italy) reaching even the most remote areas. ST1 delivers the product no matter the request: from tail-lift, to porterage service to last minute express. A flexible service tailored to the specific needs of each partner. ST1 is a well-known groupage management company in Verona and has been an active part of innovative business network projects for decades. It’s objective is to expand its services nationwide for shared growth with long established customers and suppliers.


FBN and ABC Business Network are two business networks that bring together the best private Italian SMEs guided by business in the transport, shipping and logistics sector. Companies that share the same values, united to work together and face the challenges of an ever-changing market. The idea is to grow while preserving uniqueness and territoriality, strengthened by the ability to interact commercially with international partners using efficient and competitive tools and services.