Continuing on the path set a year ago, ITC GROUP celebrates another milestone as Orange Europe SB officially becomes a benefit company. Embracing the concept of being a benefit company means undertaking a fresh approach to conducting business, where profit objectives are harmonised with commitments to higher standards of the following:

Sustainability: Benefit companies are dedicated to creating a positive impact on society and the environment, generating shared value.

Responsibility: Benefit companies consider the social and environmental impact of their operations, striving to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Transparency: Benefit companies communicate annually and report their achievements, progress, and future commitments to social and environmental impact, following third-party standards. Giulia Simone, founder of ITC Group and CEO of Orange Europe SB, encapsulates this concept eloquently: “Doing business is a responsibility. Safeguarding the world that nurtures us, encompassing the environment, animals, people, and human rights, is the duty of both young individuals and businesses.” Italy made history in the European Union by introducing the legal framework for benefit companies through Stability Law 208/2015. This progressive legislation has gained momentum, as reflected in the latest data from Assobenefit, which reported over two thousand benefit companies in Italy as of June 2022—more than double the number from the previous year. It is noteworthy that ITC Benefit Company holds the distinction of being the only registered trademark in the logistics and shipping sector, pioneering change in its field. Orange Europe SB will now follow this path as well. These developments highlight the growing significance of sustainability within companies. Our aspiration is to inspire and disseminate best practices, recognising that ambitious goals can be achieved through shared endeavours. Let’s collaborate #ontherouteofchange.