The establishment of ITC Group signifies a pursuit of digitisation, collaboration, and innovation within the shipping industry, aiming to provide an increasingly personalised service while upholding expertise, territoriality, and a commitment to the environment and society. ITC Group comprises three distinct companies: ITC Società Benefit, Orange Europe SB, and ST1 Italia. These companies operate in close collaboration within the shipping and logistics sector, each specialising in different areas. Together, they offer customers an integrated service that caters to all facets and requirements of a dynamic and expanding market. By uniting our strengths, we deliver exceptional quality, efficiency, and prioritise the well-being of our collaborators. ITC Group strives to be the preferred partner for companies seeking to enhance their shipping, delivery, and product control processes through innovative methods, systems, and technologies. Our expertise spans domestic and international shipments by air and sea, international fairs, consulting, logistics, warehouse spaces, and even 5PL solutions. We provide a tailored 360-degree service that caters to both large and small production companies. Actively participating in two business networks, ABC Business Network spanning Europe and FBN covering the entire national territory, ITC Group expands its horizons, optimises results, and fortifies relationships with its customers. These networks bring together top private and independent Italian SMEs in the transport, shipping, and logistics sector. United by shared values, we collaborate to face challenges head-on and find dynamic and immediate solutions. While striving for greatness, we remain firmly rooted in the strong values of SMEs that underpin the Italian economy. Recognising the pivotal role of the shipping sector in global economic development, ITC Group amalgamates the collective experiences of its constituent companies to forge a path of genuine, measurable, and conscious sustainability. Our commitment aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, encompassing climate change mitigation, dignified work, professional growth, clean energy, gender equality, and inclusive industrialisation. These objectives shape our daily actions as we design and implement concrete initiatives. The journey towards sustainability commenced with ITC Società Benefit and now extends to Orange Europe SB, which has also become a benefit company. Sustainability threads through the past, present, and future endeavours of our three companies. It encompasses gender equality in terms of representation and compensation, fostering a serene and constructive work environment, nurturing a climate conducive to idea development, valuing individuals as integral parts of our collective team, and embracing shared growth and collective intelligence. We have already initiated projects like “Green Growth,” involving primary school students in planet preservation by nurturing plants to reduce CO2 impact, and “Guaranteed Mobility,” financing social transportation vital for assisting individuals with mobility difficulties. These projects exemplify our approach to action, with others in the pipeline awaiting design and realisation. ITC Group embarks on a new business venture, driven by the shared goal of achieving remarkable business growth and successes through collaborative synergy.

“Let’s Take the Right Path.”